Monday, 28 July 2014

Nails Inc // Gel Effect Nail Polishes

When the gel effect polishes came out I wasn’t all ‘oooo’ cos the first few reviews I had read weren’t exactly positive.  BUT then I got sucked in.  As per.  I have the willpower of a bitch on heat…

Old Bond Street – Blue
This is SUCH a good blue.  It’s darker on the nail I think than what it appears to be in the bottle but that aside it’s really good coverage even with one coat which is unheard of for darker shades of blue. 

Grosvenor Crescent – Aubergine
I LOVE this colour.  Think OPI Lincoln Park After Dark with this one; it’s a yummy almost black but is a bit purple kind of colour.

Hyde Park Place – Grey
When it comes to greys they are probably one of my most worn shades so I have a lot to compare this to; formula wise, for me this is a three coater which puts me off a bit, but saying that, once the three coats are on they’re there to stay and it is a really nice nude shade of grey on the nail which works well with loads of skin tones.

L-R Old Bond Street, Hyde Park Place, Grosvenor Crescent

Uptown – Pink
For me, this is a ‘sophisticated’ pink, in fact it’s almost a muted nudey pink.  On the whole I like my pinks PROPER pink, I don’t do ‘nice’ pinks well… the more neon the better in my world but for work days where you need to suppress your pink personality, this is a good alternative.

West End – Red
Tomato red, slightly orange tone to it; a perfect red for all year around and the longevity is amazing.  This picture isn’t great as was taken in unnatural light but after three days of wear which including typing at work, cooking at home, doing quite heavy housework (bleached down me skirting boards) minus gloves, it lasted really well!

New Oxford Street – Brown
Brown is such an underrated nail colour.  It’s one of my favs!  This has an ever so slightly cool tone to it which I think helps make it more wearable.  Really good coverage in two coats too.

Overall I think the gel effect polishes definitely have a better longevity of wear compared to the normal Nails Inc formulation.  Some do need more than two coats (the paler colours in particular) but the wear time on the nails makes up for that.  I would also imagine they help if you have ridges because they are ‘plumper’ than normal polishes.  I am impressed and I think I’ll definitely be making more purchases.

Have you tried any of the gel effect polishes yet?  Are you a fan?

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  1. Love them all!!
    Unfortunately, my sis has stolen mine :((

    1. re-steal! i love the uber dark one... cant wait for winter for this reason alone! xxx

  2. I just got New Oxford Street, but your pictures are making me want Grosvenor Crescent too....!

    Mine to Five


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