Thursday, 24 July 2014

Alpha H // Top Picks

The first time I tried Alpha H as a brand I just didn't get it.  I tried liquid gold and didn't know if it was a toner, a moisturiser, a mask or just a con if I'm honest... but then I started reading up on the brand, done some homework and watched some QVC shows and now... well now it's one of my most used brands.

The above products are all repeat purchases and will continue to be.  Let me talk about them in a little more detail...

Liquid Gold Anti-Ageing Cleanser is a cleanser with a bit more oomph... I don't use it for makeup removal but I use it as a second evening cleanse or a morning cleanse.  It's brightening and wakes up the skin which leaves a perfect start for makeup.

Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream is a night cream which is a milder version of liquid gold but with added hydration.  The morning after using this my skin has this extra smoothness to it, it feels clear and plump and that's why I won't be without this.  Ever.

Liquid Gold doesn't need much introduction.  I can't tell you how many people I've recommended this to!  It's one product which I think every person needs regardless of sex or age.  Use it a few nights a week after cleansing; it's lazy night skincare at it's best.  If you're sensitive use it on a damp cotton pad then apply to the face... it's incredible.  I wake up with new skin after using this I swear!

Absolute Eye Complex is my eye cream of choice, I say cream when really it's a gel.  It's the RIGHT consistency though!  I'm SO fussy with things around my eye because I'm prone to milia so can't have anything too rich but also my eyes are dry so I kinda do need something which is nourishing.  This strikes the right balance and you can apply makeup straight after without any problem.

If you're an Alpha H newbie, I STRONGLY recommend getting something from the range... I honestly can say it has helped overhaul my skincare routine for the better and have nothing but good things to say about their products.

Have you got a fave from Alpha H? Is there something you would recommend I try?

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  1. Love liquid gold, balancing cleanser and absolute eye complex. They are amazing products,
    I use the eye complex as a serum and have another product to go on top and they work well together. I wondered if liquid gold was actually doing it so stopped using it,
    I missed just one application but my skin felt so rough and dull I had to go back to using it! I love it and find it v economical xx


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