Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Skincare wishlist

Skincare wishlist

Skincare wishlist by unnakednails featuring a facial mask

Happy Wednesday!  We're over that mid week hurdle!  Yay!  Hope everyone is diddling fine... today I am dreaming of skincare!

Recently (as of January) I decided to really up my skincare regime and although it's pretty complex and I've spent a small fortune on getting my skincare wardrobe 'just right' it's eventually paying off, making all those long hours analysing ingredients and mentally deliberating over which cleansing balm to buy worthwhile!  

I do still have products on my 'to try' list and these are some of them...

I am desperate to try the Sunday Riley, Ceramic Slip Cleanser as it's a fav with Caroline Hirons and hello... she's like God in my eyes so if a product is CH approved, I'm there.  With bells on.  As soon as I can justify it, this baby will be mine.

Being a fan of the Perricone MD range already, I really fancy giving this Nutritive Cleanser a whirl.  Plus it's CH approved.

Toner is something I've went cray cray over the last few weeks, after seeing how important it is in my skincare routine I'm searching for the holy grail of toners!  To be honest, I've found two from Aveda which I love and have repurchased already but I think I still haven't found theeee hydrating toner yet and having heard good things about this Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist I'm desperado to try it.  The only thing that puts me off is the price tag; the inner cynic in me is going 'forty-six squid for waaaata' (geordies will get the water pronunciation).

Having found more and more of Ren's products creep onto my skincare tray I've found myself looking at their serums and this Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil looks like it could be one for me.  I must admit, if there is one part of my routine which I skip, it's the serum step.  I think mebs if I found the one that really works, mebs I'll want to serum more?

To be honest, I swear by Murad for face masks.  I think they really don't hold back and every mask of theirs I've tried, I've loved.  This Ren, Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is a mask I want to try as a comparison to Murad, I know some of Murad's masks are on the pricier side so this one comes in a bit more purse friendly at £30. 

So there we have my skincare wishlist!  It's shamefully WAY bigger than this but I narrowed it down to five to be less of a skincare diva.  Have you got a skincare wishlist or have you got any items which are that holy grail, you just can't deviate from them?

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  1. ha i read your posts in a geordie accent so i got the waaata!! I'm with you on the Murad facemasks, the intensive-c radiance one is my all time fave. I'm also with you on the Aveda toners and i've got the Omorovicza QoH and in my opinion its no better than Aveda, they are really similar other than the price tag xx
    Anna | On The Dressing Table

    1. thanks anna! uve just saved me 46 quid! xxx

  2. Oh what amazing blog!!!
    Following from Portugal!! :-)


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