Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Perfect Partners #1 // L'Occitane Almond Goodness

Oi Oi Oi peoples!  Hope everyone OD'd on pancakes last night... I didn't... I went out for dinner instead.  Had steak.  The most unlike pancake thing ever... 

Right I'm gonna start off this post with a confession... can anyone remember my new year post where I said I was gonna be all amaze and stop making up names for people?  Yeah I failed... big style.  I have renamed someone 'Beaker.'  Cos they look like Tracy Beaker.  And I mean it in a nasty way.  I'm horrible aren't I?  I just can't help it!  So less than a quarter of the way into the year and I can't stop being mean.  Nevs mind.  Moving on to beauty products...

I thought I would do a lil mini series on products which I pair together.  Like products which I use together cos I think they're the totes perf match made in beauty product heaven!  Or something like that anyway...

First up we have the L'Occitane duo of their almond shower oil and the almond milk concentrate.  Now as a product range goes, the almond is one of my favs.  I think I have everything from the collection and although I love to use them all in a big pampering sesh I often find myself picking up these two.

I find at this time of year my skin is a lil bit deathly.  It's fed up of the early morning dog walks in the north east and it's screaming for comfort, warmth and sunshine.  So this lil combo gives it a bit of loving.  

The oil first off is LUXURIOUS.  Like when you use it, you're like 'wow, that's soft'.  You come out of the shower and you do that thing of stroking a limb, unable to believe your skin is that soft WITHOUT moisturiser.  And then you use the milk concentrate... to boost the almond oil and OMG it's like just immediate COMFORT.  It's fairly rich but it's almost got a jelly like cushioning thang going on too...

It sinks in straight away and it does leave you feeling uber moisturised and nourished.  I can use this on one day then the next day I still feel that moisture which is something I don't often get from a lot of body creams if I'm honest.  Above all, I love the texture of this milk concentrate because it sinks in real good!  It doesn't sit on the skin and when I say I can still feel the moisture, I mean my skin still feels hydrated... there is no tacky film or anything.  All you feel is soft skin!  Win!

Yep, these two lil gems are a combo made in heaven.  They're fab individually used but together... together they sing, in beautiful, synchronized harmony.

What products do you love to use together?  Have you got a fav combo?

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  1. Love both of these deffo can't go wrong :)

    I was hoping for big things from my Roche Posay combo of Effacular Duo + Spot Cream thingy.... far = more breakouts :(

    PS Keep being mean....I love it!!!! :))

    1. ive not tried the effaclar duo + yet, but i may have to cos omg i have a breakout on my chin which looks totes hid at mo. propz devz. xxx

  2. I love the almond oil, as I'm a QVC addict I got Loccitane's TSV last Sept which had a litre of the oil. It was so good I had to get another one. I use it pretty much every day and still have a 1/4 of the 1st bottle left. I've got dry skin but I find I don't need moisturiser afterwards. I would love to try the almond concentrate but it's a bit out of my price range at the moment xx

    1. the oil is probably the standout winner xx

  3. I have a little sample of the shower oil and haven't tried it yet but this post has made me want to try it straight away hehe

    Hannah xxx

  4. Yes, L'Occitaine is certainly a quality product and it so good to ude when you are in the mood to pamper yourself......bliss


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