Monday, 10 March 2014

Mally // Your Brightest Days are Ahead Collection

Hope all you lovelies had a lush weekend!!  I've had a pretty chilled one.  Shopping, sushi, cocktails, a bit pamper.  Can't go wrong with any of that can you?  Today I want to share with you a kind of review but not THAT in depth about a lil makeup collection I recently bought...

I tried my hardest to resist Mally's latest TSV but I just didn't have the willpower.  I'm clearly weak.  I got sucked in.  But I'm pretty pleased I did...

In the collection we got an under eye brightener...

It's uber yellow so it's not for the faint hearted and no it won't be for everyone.  It blends out fine and by the time you set it with powder there is no trace of yellow at all.  For me this is uber full coverage so I won't use it during the day but on an evening, yes.  Deffo.  To be honest I think I'll end using this on other people more than me... I get roped into doing friend's makeup a lot and I know it'll work on them better than me so I'll get my use out of it.

This weird looking thing is Mally's face defender.  It's basically a weird textured powder come gel which completely translucent and you use it to set makeup or as an alternative to those blotting sheets you used to get back in the day.  This is great for men.  I use this on my brother before he goes 'out out'.  He has near perfect skin so he doesn't need coverage at all but he does get that shiny look in photos so I use this on him.  Job done.

Now for the colour items, I got a brown eye liner, a eye shadow stick and a pink lipstick.  The brown eye liner is LUSH.  I don't like black eye makeup (minus mascara) for during the day. I feel it's too much for me so this is a great alternative.  The eye shadow stick is a neutral shade and it's pretty; although it's a tadge drying which is annoying.  Then we have the lipstick in Pilar Pink, it looks SO bright in the bullet but it's SO wearable.  It's got pretty good longevity; I wore it on Saturday and it only needed touched up after I ate lunch so that's standard really for a lippy.

In the collection I also got an eye brow fix which is a pencil come wax thing which at first I struggled with cos it felt too 'wet' but now I've got the hang of it I have 3 in my stockpile (you know, just in case the evil brow fairy comes and steals all the eye brow products from the world).  Mally's mascara was also part of the collection and in my opinion it's the best mascara.  I use it ALL of the time.  Day or night.  Rain or shine.

So yeah, all in all I'm pretty damn pleased with Mally's latest offering.  I like kits like this which don't include base products as such because I'm a bit of a stick in the mud with foundations so I like to buy colour and I'm really pleased with the lipstick in here and all of the other products which just finish off your makeup.

So Mally strikes again.  Lately I'm becoming more and more of a Mally fan, a fair few of her products remind me of some of MAC's and when you buy them in a collection like this the value for money is like 'chemist' buys.  Win win win!!

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  1. You deffo CANNOT go wrong with shopping, sushi and cocktails (tick, tick, tick!!)

    Somehow I knew you'd be getting this collection :))

    I actually love a bit of a yellow skin product (as I'm naturally a delightful shade of tomato most
    of the time)....and....majeur lolz at the Evil Brow Fairy :))

  2. Hi, I too was sucked into buying this despite telling myself I shouldn't! ! Im glad you mentioned setting the under eye brightener cos I had been struggling with that!; All in all a great kit which Im glad I purchased. Lisa

    1. yeah, the setting powder is key with it. if you have mally's from her concealer kit that is perf! xx

  3. Looks real quality stuff, just so luxurious looking

  4. Eeep, I try and stop myself from getting this. The items look amazing going to be adding them all to my wishlist, Fantastic post just made me want to do some midnight shopping.
    Mary | Strikeapose


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