Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Detoxing // Body, Mind and Skin

Unlike most peeps out there, I'm not a detox fan for the sudden drop in lbs... I'm more about the skin.  I eat as clean as I can because I know when I do, my skin is near flawless (my level of flawless... it's still not perf by any means) and that's more important to me than any number on a scale.  

I was lucky enough to win a twitter comp recently where the price was a 3 day juice detox from @justjuices.  It came on Tuesday, very nicely packaged complete with 4 juices for each day of the 3 day duration, a morning 'shot' for each day and some herbal teabags and a lemon.

The instructions were super simple to follow, you wake up and have a hot lemon and water followed by your morning shot (which I think was grapefruit btw) then you evenly spaced out your juices over the day.  Each juice had the time on when you were advised to have it so it couldn't have been easier to get to grips with!

Obviously rules apply such as no other foods, no dairy or alcohol, herbal teas only and plenty of water.

Now, for me, I wanted to do this detox to give me the kick start I needed into getting back into clean eating and also being less lazy with my skincare.  I think mentally, just sticking to something for 3 days and having that willpower to see it through helps give you that 'empowerment' to go on and really set goals for yourself. 

So juices ready and refrigerated, water stocked, coffee swapped for yogi teas and clarifying face mask at the ready I was good to go...

The night before I started the detox I done an at home facial which involved deep cleansing, a bit of steam, facial massage and this clarifying mask* from Murad.  For me, this is a big daddy mask.  It's doing a job.  It's not a mask you would pile on your face, slump back in a hot bath with the latest allure magazine... you've got to give it the respect it deserves.  It needs one on one time with your skin fo sho!  I used this on damp skin after cleansing (I have sensitive skin so I always err on the side of caution and never apply masks to 'naked' skin) then went and watched half an episode of big bang... after removal (I used a warm, damp flannel) my skin felt soooo clean.  It's that Murad clean that I love!  That fresh, not too tingly but a lil tingly tingle feeling which I never get bored of!
The first thing I did was weigh myself.  I only weighed myself because I knew I wanted to share the juice detox on my blog because otherwise I believe there are three things a girl should never check... a)her bank balance b)her weight and c)her number (and yes, I mean THAT number, the number you tell yourself is far less than it actually is, the number where you discount certain encounters cos you may not remember the entire thing...) ;P

Hot water and lemon was downed without issues as I try to make sure that's always my first drink of the day anyway... my second drink is usually coffee and I must admit I missed it.  I'm not sure how much of that is habitual and how much of it is addiction!  The 'shot' wasn't as fun as tequila and it was fairly bitter; I'm pretty sure it was grapefruit but having it on a cleansed palette it made my face squirm.

When it came to having the juices they were fine and I managed to get through most of day one absolutely fine.  Until I got home from work and I was starving!!  It helped that I wasn't around food; I point blank refused to make anyone anything because I didn't need any temptation.  I stuck to drinking plenty of water and had an early night.

I woke up shattered and in need of coffee despite soundly sleeping right through.  I think I missed my morning coffee more than I did anything else and I felt really head-achey all day.  I think I was mildly grumpy as I was feeling hungry and when I'm hungry I am a horrible person.  Again, I tried to force myself to have more water and I do think come Thursday evening after my umpteenth cup of green tea I had turned the corner.  Mentally knowing I had 'broke the back' of it helped.  I'm stubborn so once I commit myself to something, even if I don't want to do it, I will.

On Friday I woke up and had a much bigger spring in my step.  Admittedly I was off work and was having a 'me' day so that helped but I did feel really fine.  I wasn't hungry, I wasn't itching for a cuppa and my energy had picked up loads, especially compared to the previous day.  Friday was the toughest day for me regarding routine, I had a hair appointment, I was rushing around to meet friends and I was generally just on the go all day.  The convenience of having the juices prepacked was really highlighted to me, if I had been doing my own juice diet I would have probably failed on this day because I had no time to prepare juices.  It was ideal just opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle!  Despite not having the juices at regular intervals, I was still fine.  I wasn't even bothered with temptation... I met one of the besties for a 'coffee' and she was sooo supportive cos she skipped her usual hot choc for a herbal tea with me so that was nice! 

I then done another at home facial on the Friday night and already noticed that my skin was not only better hydrated but also clearer.  A combination of the increased water intake, juices and face mask really paid off!
On Saturday morning I got weighed and I was 5lb down.  I'm not a fan of the scale and I tend to guess what I am depending on how my jeans feel... but in the interest of this I have weighed myself since and a week later I actually lost a further 1lb.

The detox really gave me the incentive to be a bit healthier.  I went shopping for things like maca powder and almond butter and I've not just bought them; I've used them too!  I've been having smoothies for breakfast with the maca powder and because my skin was glowing post detox I've really went to town with my skincare.  I've continued using the clarifying mask from Murad but I've also made sure I have no lazy mornings.  I've also started religiously using eye cream and I'm currently researching into serums as I'm pretty sure although I have combination skin, it is dehydrated.

I guess the main questions to ask is 'would I do it again?' YES. 'Would I recommend it?'  YES.  It's three days... I've had hangovers which have lasted that length!  Think about a birthday weekend or Christmas or a bank holiday... how many days do you blates over indulge and then spend days after feeling groggy coming down from a sugar/alochol high?  It's three days to do your body some good.  It's the least it deserves.  Even if it's not entirely pleasant... it's THREE days.

Oh and I watched 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' the night before I started the detox as a bit of motivation... I think that's a really good documentary to watch if you're not familiar with or are skeptical of juicing.

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  1. I really want to try this!!


  2. I'm starting mine tomorrow! Wish me luck! This was really helpful
    Glossy Boutique

  3. Lovely post Catrine! You've not only tempted me to do a detox. . . but i'm going to watch that doco later haha!

    1. haha! i loved the doco! but i'm a big doco fan xxx

  4. This was a great diary, gave a real insight! I definitely am tempted, but I just LOVE food!! Haha


  5. OMG.....5lbs!!! Woooop! I'm seriously jell :)

    And...LOLZ....The Number...haha!!!!

    Well played sticking to it...I need to get on the maca powder thing, and the chia seed thing....
    and the detox thing...and the whole thing thing :))

  6. Great post! I've watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and loved it, you should definitely watch Forks Over Knives if you fancy continuing the healthy life style, it's a real eye opener. X



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