Monday, 1 September 2014

Hormones Gone Wild

'Ello you beauties!  I have made quite the life changing decision to come off my birth control pill and I thought I'd share my progress on my blog as a bit of an online diary.

When I made the decision to come off the pill we're going back to late 2013 so I haven't rushed into the decision by any means.  I had a chat with my doctor about it in January and decided then that after my six month prescription runs out I'd make the leap to be pill-less.

I've really done my homework on this subject but one thing I really found disconcerting was the lack of was consistent information online; I was on Yasmin and seriously if you google Yasmin in relation to coming off it... OMG the horror stories left me in cold sweats!  Seriously horrific things are documented about it, I even watched a YouTube vid entitled 'the pill kills'.  Grim much?!

Sooo I have decided to document my journey in coming off the pill with y'all so a) it gives me a bit of focus and acts as a diary and b) on the off chance you stumble across this because you want to know what it is like month by month in coming off the pill.

I'm already into 6 weeks minus the pill (I wanted to get ahead so I can merge a month into a post at a time) and so far I don't have major horror stories to report!  Also as acne is a common side effect in stopping Yasmin I thought I'd include pics of my face on a monthly basis too.  Just so I can see any differences... (sozzles I'm in my jim jams and am sans makeup but we gotta be realz...)

Prior to coming off the bill I'd really suggest a lot of reading, you need to understand what the pill is and what it does so there are a couple of books I'd start with:

This book is actually one of the best books I've ever read; I was so clueless about periods and cycles it's not even funny.  I used to think I knew what bits were what but clearly I didn't.  Even if you've never been on the pill in your life and are just a woman of period age, I'd read this.

This one is more specifically engineered towards the pill and it is a good read but very much anti pill stance so just remember that whilst reading it.

I also had a really good chat with my Doctor six months before I done anything which I think is vital; you need to speak to someone from a medical view point because everyone is different; your GP will have your history and should know enough about you to be able to advise you on any questions which you will most likely have.

My next post will focus on the first month of being minus pill and how I found things... so without being terribly cliché 'watch this space'.
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Monday, 11 August 2014

MAC Lipsticks // Most Worn

I always find it interesting that people’s favourite lipsticks aren’t always their most worn.  I know my favourite lipsticks I tend to ‘keep for best’; am I weird?!  My most worn tend to be more wearable and neutral…

Angel is my most worn of all time lipstick – it’s a mauvey pale pink and it was once Kim K’s ‘go to’ lip.  Nuff said.  Love wor Kimmy.

Crème Cup
This is really similar to Angel in all honesty but it’s a lot more creamy looking on the lips.  It’s an everyday shade which is great with minimal makeup but also works with a heavy smoky eye.

Ruby Woo
This was the first ever MAC purchase I made and although I actually prefer how Russian Red looks on me, I wear this one more.  I do find it slightly brighter looking than Russian Red so I can wear this all year round whereas I keep Russian Red for the winter months.

Crème D’Nude
Who doesn’t love a heavy smoky eye and a nude lip?  FYI if you don’t, we can’t ever be friends.  For realz.  Granted this lip isn’t for everyone and I can only really wear this if I’ve done some contouring cos otherwise I do look a bit ‘flat’ cos my lips merge into my face.  However, I will say the finish on this is really wearable; because it’s a creamsheen finish it does have a slight shine to it so it makes it better than something like Myth.  Like Caroline Hirons says ‘plenty of time to be matte when you’re dead.’  #justsayin’

Ahhhh Hue.  How I love Hue.  This is my daytime nude cos it’s more wearable than Crème D’Nude cos it’s a lil more pink.  It’s perf.  I love Hue.  I won’t go away without it cos I know at some point I’ll need to wear it.  If you’re uber pale too and can’t get away with real nudes this could be an option cos I think it’s got just the right amount of hint of colour in it… LOVE.

So there we have my most worn MAC lipsticks.  Talking about these is making me wanna post about my fav MAC lipsticks but where would I start?  I’m such a fickle pickle I’d probs end up listing them all!

Are your most worn lipsticks different to your favs?  What are you top picks for MAC lipsticks?

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Favourites

Good God.  I am now thirty years old.  I can remember when my Dad turned thirty.  I can remember when my Mam turned thirty and now I am thirty.  F a duck and call it chuck!

Ignore my mild breakdown… let’s talk about my fav products in July…

Leighton Denny Crystal Finish
My usual top coat of choice is Seche Vite BUT I’ve been struggling with how much it shrinks the nail polish underneath so I eventually got around to using LD’s top coat and oh em gee… no shrinkage at all and it doesn’t make the nail polish peel off either (Nails Inc’s Kensington Caviar Top Coat does that on my nails).  If you’re in the market for a new tc – deffo try LD’s!

MAC Fleur Power Satin Blush
I was buying a lipstick from MAC online and it was that old thing of spending money on delivery or buying another product and getting free delivery.  I HATE delivery charges.  So I ended up popping this in my virtual basket and I really like the colour, the finish and the longevity.  It’s a good shade too cos it goes with all kinds of makeup looks.  Gutted I haven’t tried it sooner tbh!

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil
This product I bought after seeing Amelia rave about it.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this product before but I stopped using it for a lil while cos after using it I didn’t feel all that dehydrated (proof it works!).  However, I decided to start using it again more regularly with my birthday approaching cos I know how much it plumps up my skin and that’s what I’ve decided I love about it… it’s almost a ‘go to’ product for when you know you need a good skin day!

Murad Renewing Cleansing Oil*
I was getting a bit blah with Emma Hardie Moringa Balm and fancied a change so I had a look at alternatives and this was on my radar cos I know how reliable Murad products are and then luck struck as I was offered to try one from them so I jumped at the chance and I now LOVE it.  It’s kinda warming on the skin, it removes every trace of makeup and it leaves my skin feeling nourished.  I’ll do a review of this soon, but seriously if you like cleansing oils this is up there!  I’ve tried a lot to know!

Sarah Chapman Facial Massager
I’ve noticed that I have a bit of toxin build up on my chin area.  Gross I know.  It’s like fine bumps underneath the skin; they’re not noticeable but I know they’re there so I’ve been using this on an evening after applying my face oil and it’s like totes incred.  At first I didn’t like the sensation but once I felt my skin after doing a couple of mins it was sooooo smooth.  Objective achieved.  I’m now addicted to using it.  Much to the amusement of my dogs btw – they look at me like ‘WHAT are you doing now?’ :O

I think cos July is the lead up to my burfday I was very skin care focused so look... no nail colour or lipstick in a favourites post for like the first time ever.  Don't worry, I'm sure it'll all go back to normal next month... ;P

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Nails Inc // Gel Effect Nail Polishes

When the gel effect polishes came out I wasn’t all ‘oooo’ cos the first few reviews I had read weren’t exactly positive.  BUT then I got sucked in.  As per.  I have the willpower of a bitch on heat…

Old Bond Street – Blue
This is SUCH a good blue.  It’s darker on the nail I think than what it appears to be in the bottle but that aside it’s really good coverage even with one coat which is unheard of for darker shades of blue. 

Grosvenor Crescent – Aubergine
I LOVE this colour.  Think OPI Lincoln Park After Dark with this one; it’s a yummy almost black but is a bit purple kind of colour.

Hyde Park Place – Grey
When it comes to greys they are probably one of my most worn shades so I have a lot to compare this to; formula wise, for me this is a three coater which puts me off a bit, but saying that, once the three coats are on they’re there to stay and it is a really nice nude shade of grey on the nail which works well with loads of skin tones.

L-R Old Bond Street, Hyde Park Place, Grosvenor Crescent

Uptown – Pink
For me, this is a ‘sophisticated’ pink, in fact it’s almost a muted nudey pink.  On the whole I like my pinks PROPER pink, I don’t do ‘nice’ pinks well… the more neon the better in my world but for work days where you need to suppress your pink personality, this is a good alternative.

West End – Red
Tomato red, slightly orange tone to it; a perfect red for all year around and the longevity is amazing.  This picture isn’t great as was taken in unnatural light but after three days of wear which including typing at work, cooking at home, doing quite heavy housework (bleached down me skirting boards) minus gloves, it lasted really well!

New Oxford Street – Brown
Brown is such an underrated nail colour.  It’s one of my favs!  This has an ever so slightly cool tone to it which I think helps make it more wearable.  Really good coverage in two coats too.

Overall I think the gel effect polishes definitely have a better longevity of wear compared to the normal Nails Inc formulation.  Some do need more than two coats (the paler colours in particular) but the wear time on the nails makes up for that.  I would also imagine they help if you have ridges because they are ‘plumper’ than normal polishes.  I am impressed and I think I’ll definitely be making more purchases.

Have you tried any of the gel effect polishes yet?  Are you a fan?

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Alpha H // Top Picks

The first time I tried Alpha H as a brand I just didn't get it.  I tried liquid gold and didn't know if it was a toner, a moisturiser, a mask or just a con if I'm honest... but then I started reading up on the brand, done some homework and watched some QVC shows and now... well now it's one of my most used brands.

The above products are all repeat purchases and will continue to be.  Let me talk about them in a little more detail...

Liquid Gold Anti-Ageing Cleanser is a cleanser with a bit more oomph... I don't use it for makeup removal but I use it as a second evening cleanse or a morning cleanse.  It's brightening and wakes up the skin which leaves a perfect start for makeup.

Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream is a night cream which is a milder version of liquid gold but with added hydration.  The morning after using this my skin has this extra smoothness to it, it feels clear and plump and that's why I won't be without this.  Ever.

Liquid Gold doesn't need much introduction.  I can't tell you how many people I've recommended this to!  It's one product which I think every person needs regardless of sex or age.  Use it a few nights a week after cleansing; it's lazy night skincare at it's best.  If you're sensitive use it on a damp cotton pad then apply to the face... it's incredible.  I wake up with new skin after using this I swear!

Absolute Eye Complex is my eye cream of choice, I say cream when really it's a gel.  It's the RIGHT consistency though!  I'm SO fussy with things around my eye because I'm prone to milia so can't have anything too rich but also my eyes are dry so I kinda do need something which is nourishing.  This strikes the right balance and you can apply makeup straight after without any problem.

If you're an Alpha H newbie, I STRONGLY recommend getting something from the range... I honestly can say it has helped overhaul my skincare routine for the better and have nothing but good things to say about their products.

Have you got a fave from Alpha H? Is there something you would recommend I try?

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