Monday, 14 April 2014

Perfect Parnters #2 // Aveda Toners

So... I EVENTUALLY understand the importance of toning.  I do think without a doubt it is the one thing in my skincare routine which has massively made all the difference.  

Because I'm relatively 'new' to the whole toning thing, not to mention the double toning thing (thanks Caroline Hirons) it took a lil while for me to experiment with diff toner combos.  For those nubes to toning... there is bascially two rules of thumb for a toner - you have a hydrating type and an exfoliating type (this one is basically an acid exfoliation).  According to the guru of skin, CH, you need to do both.  For a long old while I didn't believe her.  Then I tried it.  And OMG... it's a game changer!

The thing is it's like 'which ones do I pick?' then it's 'which ones do I use together?'.  It's just hard.  I know the idea is to use the exfoliating (acid) toner first, then follow with hydration but sometimes it just wasn't working out.  Then I invested in these!

This toner is the exfoliating/acid toner (the exfoliant title gives that one away...) and it's a pleasure to use.  It has the same effect on my skin as the famous Clarin's Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner.  Only you can use this one way more regularly than the Clarin's one.  Win.

Now, in the Aveda botanical kinetics range there are two diff types of 'hydration' toners.  There is one called a 'toning mist' which is for more normal-oily skin types.  This one, 'skin firming/toning agent' is for dryer skin types so this is more me.  First of all, this is a spray bottle - I love having a spray bottle!  It saves on that cotton wool faff and it's just generally more refreshing so I think.

When I use these two products together I deffo feel like I've properly toned.  I feel my skin can take on the world!  Not literally but you know...

I have recommended these toners to several peeps now, I've repurchased both and will continue to repurchase so that's testament in itself!

If you're a nube or indeed an olde to toning and haven't tried these yet - well I think you should.  I'm a great believer in sharing the joy and these two toners are joyous.  If you're like me and get all joyous over skincare that is!

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Mini Haulin'

SOOOO I'm off to NYC next month... and consequently have a 'to buy' list which is pretty extensive... like need to sell a kidney in order to fund it extensive.  Whoops.  Sooo it means I gotta limit what I buy but that's like going cold turkey and that would give shopaholic me the shakes... !!

However, see that lil lot in the pic?  That cost me £22.00, thanks to buy one get one half price in The Body Shop (I know I was robbed - I didn't know about the 40% off at the time!).  The MAC lippy was a back to MAC jobby and the herbal essences and bourjois CC cream were purchased with Boots points... didn't I do gooood?!

I've wanted this since Caroline Hirons mentioned it and I don't know why I didn't buy it sooner!  I'm gonna have to google how to use it but I'm sure I'm gonna LOVE it!

I'll be honest my girl crushin' on Nicole Sherzy enabled this purchase.  Plus I don't wanna be spending money on Philip Kingsley before NYC and I get through A LOT of shampoo and conditioner.  I know I overuse both and probably damage my hair in the process but whatevs... the moroccan shine lured me in.

I bought this because I seen Estee from essiebutton use it and thought 'you know, I could do with a serum'.  (Usually just use oil).  So this is the one I've picked, I have already used it and I REALLY like it!

This was another blogger/youtuber enabled purchased.  I seen Amelia from Liana Beauty use it and was like 'right, that's on the list'.  To be fair, most products she uses I absolutely love so I thought I'd give this a whirl as an Emma Hardie alternative... I know I'm only two days into using it BUT I've already bought a one for my friend to try too cos I'm convinced she'll love it too! 

Again, another blogger hype purchase.  A lot of makeup which Alix from I Covet Thee uses, I love and she's mentioned this so I thought I'd have to give it a whirl.  I need to try it out properly as I've only used it the once but I was impressed with the coverage - it was heavier than some foundations I've tried!

Eeeee ya gotta love a back to MAC haven't ya?!  Although... the lippy minus box DOES bother me!  This was complete impulse.  It's never been on my radar at all... I was stood hovering over the lipsticks and almost everyone I picked up I already owned so when I picked up this one and I didn't have it, well, that's how it won!  I've not tried it yet, I'm a lipstick saddo cos the first time I wear a new one I like to save it for somewhere or something 'nice'.  Told ya... I'm a totes saddo!

What have you guys been buying recently?  I love a lil shopping spree to brighten up the working week!

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Recently Adoring // Tarte Lip Gloss

Sooo this is me pretty much ALL of the timez at mo:

#funny #ecard  @Shannon Bellanca Bellanca Fahey @Sam McHardy McHardy Bietsch

Underline the word 'under' 70 times!  WHY would I set myself a goal of no mid week drinking when I'm so unbelievably stressed?!  It's like I'm actively destroying my soul!

Okes, enough of my dramatics (for now)!!

Back in December, I totes may have bought myself a few Christmas presents and among those 'few' was a lip gloss set from Tarte Cosmetics.  Being an absolute lip product slut I was itching to try them; I'd been salivating over the tarte range but sadly before QVC UK they weren't available on our UK shores.  

I mean look at how BOOOOTIFOOOL they are.  Honestly, I love a good lip collection!

Anyway, in the collection came 15 glosses.  (Yep, pictured above there are only 14 - I keep one at all times in my car door for 'emergency lip gloss moments').  They are all a mix of nudey, pinky, peachy amazingness and to some they may look similar but to us lip product junkies every shade is completely needed!

Let's do a mini review:

Packaging - stays remarkably scratch free despite being that super shiny plastic which usually looks RUINED after one trip in the bottom of a handbag!

Amount of product - in these 'minis' is approx a quarter of the product you would find in a MAC lipgloss so yes, upon first glance for any size queens out there you may indeed think 'STINGEY'.  However, you need not apply these fifteen million times per day.  Next point...

Longevity of wear - AMAZE.  Lasts ages - you can kiss dogs, drink cuppas, chit chat away, eat food and this doesn't budge much at all.  I wear one application ALL day at work and don't reapply once.

Colour - colour pay off is brilliant, the sheer finishes are just that, the stronger, opaque colours also do their job.  Neither bleeds or wears weirdly on the lip.  Tick.

Feel on lip - these don't feel heavy nor gloopy in anyway, there is a slight tingle when applied but that goes in a few minutes.  They don't just sit there either, ready to slide off your lips, they kinda half sink in and half look all pouty.  Win.

AND look at the glossy gloss!

I don't think I have been this impressed with a lip product since... well... a long time!  Move over Chanel and YSL.  Tarte are in Cat's muji drawers and are here to stay!

Also - to anyone who has already experienced tarte I need a list of recs.  I'm going to NYC next month so I need to stock up big time on EVERYTHING.  Lemmee know your thoughts please!!  

Instead of a lip slut I'm now a total lip tarte! (See what I did there?!)

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Monday, 7 April 2014

MAC and Nails Inc Giveaway

Hi y'all!  As most of you know I've been cray cray biz of late so sozzles for the lack of posts and general chit chat but it's life innit... it just goes 'swoooosh' sometimes.  Anyway, I've had plans since January to do a lil giveaway but never actually got around to sorting it out... until now... I wanted to pick a couple of items which reflect me so I've went down the nude road with a limited ed MAC lippie in Close Contact and one of my fav nude polishes from Nails Inc in Porchester Square :))

Standard rules apply, don't bother applying if you're a serial spammer/giveaway troll, I'd like this to be for genuine blog readers only, either old or new :))  

The giveaway is international too so feel free to rafflecopter your heart out below:

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mally QVC UK TSV // 6th April 2014

I shoulda posted this earlier but it's kinda blah for me so I put off telling y'all about it.

I do think it's a bit 'samey' - if you've had the last couple of TSVs you'll have most of the items already...

But for those Mallynistas out there I'm guessing the limited ed blossom packaging may be the sucker in factor!


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